Artist Spotlight: Augustinas Raginskis


Augustinas Raginskis is responsible for haunting artworks, which combine a high level of realism with surreal subject matter. One look at his monsters, fleshy demons and broken heroes is enough to convince the viewer that somewhere, just beyond the edge of sleep, such creatures could exist. Each artwork is a door, a portal to an alternative world overflowing with wonders and horrors.


From primary school, art fascinated this Lithuanian artist. Despite growing up in a small town, his talent was nurtured by a committed art teacher and series of afterschool activities. His skills were further developed by attending an art-focused high school and later studying industrial design. This was the point when Augustinas discovered the allure of digital art, a side interest that developed into a career. For several years, he has worked as a freelance illustrator and concept artist on tabletop games, computer games and personal projects such as the upcoming Dream Mechanic.

Return Of A Broken Hero



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