Artist Spotlight: Lidiash


Lidiash produces artwork characterized by a blend of sincere emotion and outlandish elements. The touch of the fantastic is balanced by the genuine engagement and warmth between most of the characters featured. There is an underlying humanity to these artworks that compliments the mythical subject matter.


She started her creative endeavors as a writer, who aspired to illustrate her own stories. Despite little formal art education outside of that provided by Russian state schools, her interest in drawing persisted from childhood.

For the past 7 years, she focused on art but only recently started to publish her artworks. For over 2 years, she has concentrated on  commission work. One of her professional engagements included selection for Deviantart’s 2019 Pride  event. Currently she is illustrating own story “Going Down” and self-publishing a comic entitled “2 Men and the Sea.”





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