What The Fund


Patreon recently set up “What The Fund.” The purpose of this was ostentatiously to raise funds during the corona crisis and then funnel the money to content creators in need. These content creators would need to be part of Patreon and apply.

Patreon has accumulated a fair amount of money via this fund. I’m curious – has anyone encountered any content creators who actually received money from the fund? Everyone I know who applied has received letters saying that they aren’t beneficiaries. Of course, this is acceptable since Patreon has to make choices regarding who gets a grant from this fund.

However, has anyone actually received a pay-out? And if so, do the grants given equal the amount raised by Patreon? What – if any – is the level of transparency behind this?
I’d be delighted to hear from creators who have benefited from the fund. So far, I’ve only heard feedback from people who haven’t.

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