Artist Spotlight: Erika Price


Erika Price is responsible for a collection of elegant body-horror illustrations. Like medieval etchings, Price’s works are rich with detail, the precise linework bringing a visceral feel to each comic page. Focusing on body horror, there’s a pathos to her depiction of loneliness, a sense of disconnection that the reader comprehends both intellectually and on a deeper emotional level.

Disorder two page 6 of 8 websize

Disorder two page 7 of 8 websize

Price, a comic artist based in the UK, has been making art since school but her original background is in fashion illustration/design. Due to health issues, she had to drop out of university but undaunted, developed an interest in comics instead.  From 2017 onwards, she has created short comics for various zines and anthologies. Currently her main project is Disorder, an experimental body horror webcomic inspired by her experiences in art therapy. Reoccurring themes in her work include self-destruction, isolation and alienation from both the world and one’s own body.

Her work can be found on Tapas, her online store and Patreon.

Disorder 5 page 8 of 8 websizedisorder four page 7 of 8 websize

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