Everything Will Be Okay – A Psychedelic Trip Through Dimensions


Written by: Matt D. Wilson                                                                                                           Art by: Rodrigo Vargas                                                                                                                Colors by: Joe Hunter                                                                                                                    Letters by: Josh Krach

Everything Will Be Okay is a bouncy, uplifting read despite its dark subject matter. But far from being “dystopia light”, this graphic novel still seeks to explore some weighty issues such as environmentalism, mortality and totalitarian governments. It just does so with a playful charm and engaging artwork.

Like all space disaster set-pieces, Everything Will Be Okay starts off in an enclosed enviroment. In this case it’s a space station housing what’s left of humanity. There’s a tongue-in-cheek scene where the earth is demolished like a building past its prime. With the planet gone, humanity’s future is reliant on Station Eco. However, things quickly go wrong. Resources are endangered, the population panics and time is of the essence. But the story soon veers away from pure sci fi into something far more surreal and interesting.

Vargas’ art (enhanced here by Hunter’s colors) is kinetic. Its dynamic energy, combined with the high level of stylization, is reminiscent of an adult cartoon. Indeed, it reminded me strongly of Rob Guillory’s superb work on Chew. Both artstyles are distinctive and vibrant. In Everything Will Be Okay, Vargas applies unconventional layouts and makes extensive use of the metapanel. The result is pure eye candy, a psychedelic trip through space and different dimensions.


The heart of the story is the lively sibling dynamic between protagonists Anya and Edgar. Their interaction and relatable dialogue helps ground the story while encouraging the reader to invest in the narrative’s stakes. The plots itself is lot of fun as well and Wilson  nimbly navigates genres ranging from sci fi to pulp horror. But it’s when the story stretches beyond the confines of genre that his writing really takes flight.

Everything Will Be Okay will make you laugh then it’ll make you cry. But most of all, it will make you think.


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