Hotell #2 -Marital Issues & Immortality


Written by:John Lees
Art by Dalibor Talajić
Colored by Lee Loughridge
Cover by Keron Grant

Hotell #2 is a slight departure from the tense thriller format found in the series’ first issue. By contrast,, Issue 2 is tonal shift, focusing on black comedy rather than tension.

This jaunty humor is a deliberate choice. Lees uses it to contrast with the story’s darker undertones. The bubbly conversation between Muriel and her husband Bobby makes their later interaction all the more disturbing. As always, Lees’ grasp of characterization and plot is top-notch.

Talajić’s artstyle is slick and elegant, managing to convey a great deal through economic detail. Strong use of black and fluid linework gives each panel a lively appearance; even when standing still, characters seem to seethe with plots and emotion.

All in all, Hotell #2 is an excellent addition to what is shaping to be one of 2020’s top horror mini-series.


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