Team Shepherd joins Scout Comic’s Black Caravan horror imprint

An exciting new chapter in The Shepherd series

Editor and comic scribe Andrea Lorenzo Molinari announced via social media that The Shepherd graphic novel series has found a new home. Since the Pulp Press has covered the series in the past, I was curious to find out more and made contact with Andrea. He shared the following with me:

“Team Shepherd has been sitting on this for a while now. Back in July, we made the decision to move on from Caliber Comics, our home for the five years. We will always be grateful to Caliber for giving us a chance. We left with zero hard feelings and only love and gratitude in our hearts. Be assured that we intend to continue to edit for Caliber and support our many friends at this publisher.

Now, we must turn to the future of our graphic novel series. (And BELIEVE this: We have some stuff in the pipeline…serious stuff!) At the end of July, we signed a contract with Scout Comics. We are part of Black Caravan Scout’s horror and sci-fi imprint! We can’t wait to see what happens next!!”

The Shepherd is a unique tale of trauma, spirituality and family bonds. Keep an eye for its return via the Black Caravan imprint

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