Wall Breakers #1- Explosive Fun!

Dynamic art

Published by: SnowyWorks
Written by: Jorge Zevallos
Art by: Jorge Zevallos

Wall Breakers is an interesting read. It reminded me of the break-out indy works from the early 90s, combining monochromatic art with a fast, kinetic style of storytelling. At its heart, Wall Breakers is a monster-movie told in the form of sequential art. It’s enormous fun with just the right amount of visceral violence and “ick” factor to appeal to lovers of this genre.

Old school monster sci fi

Thematically, the comic focuses on human indifference amid technological advances, on the way in which humanity’s survival instinct has eroded due to modern life. However, it doesn’t position the alternative – man’s selfish need to survive at any cost – as a viable alternative. Both options are seen as destructive, both for oneself and for humanity.

The artwork is loose and sketchy, allowing a dynamism seldom found in more heavily-inked work. Zevallos has a keen understanding of perspective, proportion and layout. Each page has a sense of solidity; the figures have weight and this makes the action scenes very effective.

Wall Breakers is a solid one-shot, backed up by impressive artistic talent. I highly recommend it both for fans of the monster genre and for art lovers.

Visceral fun for lovers of the genre

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