Thank-you and goodbye

Over the last week, South Africa has suffered wide-spread looting, civil unrest and riots. The supply chain was disrupted and many shopping outlets burned down. The police were overwhelmed. Until more army was mobilized, we citizens had to organize patrols and shifts to guard remaining shopping centres and homes from saboteurs and looters. We also had to help monitor the crowds of desperate shoppers, who showed up to try to buy food. One day, there was a crowd of 11 000 outside our local shopping centre and volunteers had to help ensure that everyone got a chance to get a fair share of supplies. In the wake of the riots and loss of food, there are so many hungry and disenfranchised. The only good thing to come out of this is the enormous sense of community. People have come together in an unbelievable way. 

We are all working hard to help rebuild South Africa. That has to be my current focus and therefore I will not have time for comic journalism or reviews. It has been an honour to interview and shine a spotlight on so many talented creators. Thank you to all the creators and publishers who sent us review copies and sneak peeks of their work. Thank you to the people who read and commented on this site. Best of luck, everyone, with all your current and future creative projects.

Keep well and stay safe.



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